Astronaut Hall of Fame

The Astronaut Hall of Fame is located in Titusville, FL, on the way to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center. The AHOF doesn't have a web site of its own; it's run by the same folks who run the KSC VC, and so shares KSC's web site. It's also convenient that you can buy a single ticket and get in to both KSC and the AHOF.

Oddly enough, the AHOF shares the same access road as the American Police Hall of Fame.

Google Maps has a nice aerial shot.

We visited the AHOF in the summers of 2004 and 2005.


Astronaut Hall of Fame

Grissom Liberty Bell 7 Suit

Mercury Couch

Sigma 7

Atlas Booster Skin

Faith 7 Heatshield

Gemini Trainer

Mission Control Console

Gemini G5C Suit

Conrad Gemini 5 Patch

Apollo 14

Apollo Artifacts