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Faith 7 Heatshield

They have a section of Faith 7's heatshield.

Now, here's an interesting little collection of facts:

Even allowing for the fact that 3 years elapsed from the time I saw the AHOF's section of heatshield and the Prologue Room's section of heatshield, and the possibility that the AHOF may have somehow traded part of the Faith 7 heatshield for other artifacts, there doesn't appear to be a large-enough section of the AHOF's heatshield without holes to allow for this type of hypothetical trade.

I can't help but think that someone has something other than what they think they have ...

Aurora 7 (at Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry) is also displayed with 1/2 of a heatshield. I've yet to see the other half of its heatshield, or anything claiming to be the other half of its heatshield.





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