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Redstone Tail Unit Gallery


Look straight up inside the tail unit at the center unit's aft LOX bulkhead. The rusty support pole is at right.

Most of the aft LOX bulkhead has been removed (with the slag around the opening, I'd guess with a cutting torch), and a much smaller hole was cut in the dividing bulkhead (which separated the LOX and alcohol tanks). My guess is that a large enough hole was cut into the aft LOX bulkhead to allow a person to climb into the the LOX tank (along with his cutting torch) so that he could cut a hole in the dividing bulkhead.

Around the opening in the dividing bulkhead, at the 10:00 and 7:00 positions, are the remains of holes which penetrated the dividing bulkhead. It would seem that the hole at the 10:00 position was the hole for the electrical conduit, while the one at the 7:00 position was probably from the alcohol suction line.

The round fitting with the square plate aft of the LOX bulkhead, at nearly 7:00, is the capped-off fuel (alcohol) fill/drain valve.

The nearly-white circle is the opening between the center unit and the tail unit, allowing sunlight into the otherwise-dark tail unit; some of the connecting fittings are visible on this white ring, as are three of the four steel pads to which the engine mount was bolted (at the 11:00, 8:00, and 5:00 positions).

Aft of the white ring is the interior of the tail unit proper.

Center unit propellant tank bulkheads in Redstone Tail Unit at U.S. Space and Rocket Center
Time picture taken Sat Sep 14 10:47:08 2013
Location picture taken Rocket Park
U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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