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View of the conduit (lower portion of photo) which passes through the dividing bulkhead and continues to the forward end of the fuel (alcohol) tank; this conduit carried electrical cables from electrical connectors on the tail unit's fins and a pneumatic line from the multiple pneumatic coupling balcony on the missile's tail unit.

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When the Mercury-Redstone was displayed at the Michigan Space & Science Center, there was a support pole inside the missile to help stabilize it; the hole in the dividing bulkhead was made to accommodate the pole. It appears that the alcohol suction duct, which traversed the LOX tank to allow fill/drain of the fuel tank and which supplied propellant to the engine, was removed when the support post was installed.

Also note the LOX vent line at the upper portion of the photo.

LOX vent line and conduit on interior of propellant tanks on interior of Redstone Center Unit at Air Zoo
Time picture taken Mon Aug 5 11:59:40 2013
Location picture taken East Campus
Air Zoo
Portage, MI
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