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Ground-level side view of the front (+Z) face of LM-2.

At the top left is the black and white-colored rendezvous radar antenna. Just below that is one of the spiral-shaped in-flight S-Band antennas. Below that is the tracking light. Below that is the ingress/egress hatch and the egress platform, or "porch".

The EVA handrail running from the top of the LM down to the right side of the ingress/egress hatch is used in the event that the LM or CM cannot open their hatches after docking; in such a contingency, the astronauts would exit the LM through the ingress/egress hatch and use the handrail to traverse to the top of the LM, where they would then use the EVA handles on the CM to make their way to the CM's hatch.

Below the RCS thruster is one of the plume deflectors. The reverse side of a plume deflector is shown in dsc31349.jpg. Plume deflectors were added to LM-5 (Apollo 11) and subsequent due to scorching of the descent stage by the downward-facing RCS thruster as observed by the Apollo 9 astronauts. LM-2 was not originally equipped with plume deflectors; presumably, they were added for display purposes.

Hanging from the ceiling above and to the left of LM-2 is the Surveyor test article.

Time picture taken Tue Jun 19 12:55:52 2007
Location picture taken Lunar Exploration Vehicles Gallery
National Air & Space Museum
Washington, DC
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