LM to CM Transfer EVA

After the lunar module and command/service module docked in lunar orbit, crew transfer would ordinarily involve the command module pilot removing the CM's probe assembly and docking hatch, while the LM crew would open the LM's docking hatch and remove the drogue.

In the event that some problem prevented the successful execution of this procedure, the LM crew would transfer to the CM via an EVA: They would exit the lunar module via the ingress/egress hatch and use the EVA handrail to move "up" the lunar module to the command module, where they would then use the CM's EVA handles to move to the command module's hatch.

A test of this procedure was planned for the Apollo 9 mission, but was canceled when Rusty Schweickart suffered a bout of space adaptation syndrome (space sickness).

Apollo Command Module to Lunar Module CM to LM transfer EVA

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Adapted from p. 20b (p. 38 in the PDF) of the Apollo 9 Press Kit [direct link to 4.8 meg PDF] from the heroicrelics mirror of the Kennedy Space Center Library press kit page.
Extraction and adaptation by heroicrelics.org.