Saturn Engines/Saturn Rockets

I have in my collection a double-sided fact sheet distributed by Marshall Space Flight Center without a clear title; one side reads "Saturn Engines" and the other reads "Saturn Rockets". Undated, the most recent event it describes is the launch of SA-5 on January 29, 1964 and in another place it describes the year 1965 as being in the future. Presumably, this was published sometime between February 1964 and May 29, 1964 (the launch of SA-6).

One side of the fact sheet contains vital statistics about the H-1, F-1, RL-10, and J-2 rocket engines. An overview of Marshall Space Flight Center, Michoud Operations (today known as the Michoud Assembly Facility), and Mississippi Test Operations (subsequently renamed "Mississippi Test Facility" (MTF), the "National Space Technology Laboratories", and finally Stennis Space Center).

The other side of the fact sheet contains an overview of the Block II Saturn I, the Saturn IB, and the Saturn V rockets.

By the time that this fact sheet was published, the first launch was "expected early in 1967," contrasting with my Saturn V Apollo Moon Rocket pamphlet (which predicted four Saturn V launches in 1966). Recall that Apollo 4, the first Saturn V launch, didn't actually occur until November 9, 1967.

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