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The sign accompanying the J-2 engine. It reads

NASA Saturn J-2 Engine

This engine powered the second and third stages of the Saturn V rocket. The J-2 burned liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen propellant and generated 1,001,000 Newtons (225,000 lbs) of thrust. Burn time was 395 sec. (about six and one-half minutes). Five J-2 engines were used on the Saturn V second (S-II) stage. A single J-2 propelled the Saturn V third stage and Apollo crew towards the moon at a speed of 40,100 km/hr (24,900 mph). One J-2 was used the power the second stage of the Saturn IB, used for the launching of Skylab crews in 1973-74 as well as American astronauts during the 1975 Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. The Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) is an outgrowth of J-2 technology.

Contractors: Rocketdyne Div., North American Aviation

Time picture taken Sat Jul 27 09:29:17 2002
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