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Saturn V (Rocket Park)

The USSRC's Saturn V rested in the Rocket Park for nearly forty years, from June 28, 1969 (the day the stages were transferred from Marshall Space Flight Center) until the Saturn was restored and moved into the Davidson Center for Space Exploration. The restoration effort began in the summer of 2005, and the Saturn was moved, over the course of several days, in July 2007.

The stages of this particular Saturn V are from the dynamic test vehicle, used for dynamic testing conducted in Marshall's Dynamic Test Stand.

It's hard to believe, but I only saw the Saturn V in the Rocket Park over the course of three summers (2002-2004) before restoration work began and the rocket was subsequently relocated. These photos were taken before I really planned out the photos I took, leaving me to impose method on the madness after the fact and try to arrange the photos in a logical presentation.

I have so many pictures of the Saturn V in the Rocket Park that I divided them by stages: the S-IC (first) stage, the S-II (second) stage, the S-IVB (third) stage, and the Command/Service Module (CSM) and Spacecraft Lunar Module Adapter (SLA).

I additionally have photos of the rocket in its current home in the Davidson Center, as well as photos from 2005 through 2007 as the stage was undergoing restoration and relocation.

Also see my Saturn V-related resources.

As of now, I have not yet sorted through all of my pictures of the USSRC's pre-restoration Saturn V, but some other page references this location. Thus, this is a "place holder" version right now, with only the pictures actually referenced. Come back some time later to see if I've finished up, or drop me an email to request me to prioritize the rest of these pictures.

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