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The cover letter for the RFP. It reads

Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc.
10 Richards Road
Municipal Airport
Kansas City, Missouri

August 2nd,

Douglas Aircraft Corporation,
Clover Field,
Santa Monica, California.

Attention: Mr. Donald Douglas

Dear Mr. Douglas:

Transcontinental & Western Air is interested in purchasing ten or more trimotored transport planes. I am attaching our general performance specifications, covering this equipment and would appreciate your advising whether your Company is interested in this manufacturing job.

If so, approximately how long would it take to turn out the first plane for service tests?

  Very truly yours,
Jack Fry
Vice President
In Charge of Operations

N.B. Please consider this information confidential and return specifications if you are not interested.

Transcontinental & Western Air RFP/DC-1 Request for Proposal to Douglas Aircraft Corporation at the James S. McDonnell Prologue Room
Time picture taken Wed Aug 22 12:13:48 2018
Location picture taken James S. McDonnell Prologue Room Entrance
Boeing Building 100
St. Louis, MO
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