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The RFP's specification sheet. It reads

Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc.

General Performance Specifications
Transport Plane

  1. Type: All metal trimotored monoplane preferred but combination structure or biplane would be considered. Main internal structure must be metal.
  2. Power: Three engines of 500 to 550 h.p. (Wasps with 10-1 supercharger; 6-1 compression O.K.).
  3. Weight: Gross (maximum) 14,200 lbs.
  4. Weight allowance for radio and wing mail bins 350 lbs.
  5. Weight allowance must also be made for complete instruments, night flying equipment, fuel capacity for cruising range of 1080 miles at 150 m.p.h., crew of two, at least 12 passengers with comfortable seats and ample room, and the usual miscellaneous equipment carried on a passenger plane of this type. Payload should be at least 2,300 lbs. with full equipment and fuel for maximum range.
  6. Performance
    Top speed sea level (minimum) 185 m.p.h.
    Cruising speed sea level - 79% top speed 146 m.p.h. plus
    Landing speed not more than 65 m.p.h.
    Rate of climb sea level (minimum) 1200 ft. p.m.
    Service ceiling (minimum) 21000 ft.
    Service ceiling any two engines 10000 ft.
    This plane, fully loaded, must make satisfactory take-offs under good control at any TWA airport on any combination of two engines

Kansas City, Missouri.
August 2nd, 1932

Transcontinental & Western Air RFP/DC-1 Request for Proposal to Douglas Aircraft Corporation at the James S. McDonnell Prologue Room
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