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Overall view of the crawler-transporter treads.

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The sign accompanying the treads reads


Kennedy Space Center's two Crawler-Transporters were constructed to move Apollo/Saturn V rockets and Mobile Launchers from the VAB to the launch pad approximagely 3.5 miles away. They are now used to transport Space Shuttle vehicles.

Crawler Cleat

Displayed below is an actual spare Crawler cleat that alone weighs close to 2,000 pounds. Fifty-seven of the cleats make up each of the eight belts that pull the Crawler along its path.

Crawler Statistics

Length 131 ft, 4 in
Width 114 ft
Height 20-26 ft (adjustable)
Weight 6,000,000 lbs
Load Capacity 12,000,000 lbs
Maximum Speed 1 mph (loaded)
2 mph (unloaded)

Launch Complex 39

Originally developed for the Apollo Program, Launch Complex 39 was built to be efficient, reliable, and capable of supporting future space programs. Its design was based on the concept of mobility, with each of its main components playing a vital role in the mobile launch operation.

Time picture taken Tue Jun 15 12:20:46 2004
Location picture taken Apollo/Saturn V Center
Kennedy Space Center, FL
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