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SL-3 (Skylab 2)

The museum displays the Apollo spacecraft used on the SL-3 mission (the second manned Skylab mission; sometimes called "Skylab 2").

GLSC received the Skylab 2 (SL-3) Command Module from Glenn Research Center after its on-site visitor center closed.

Thankfully, it is not mounted on a rotating pedestal or located in a glass room, making it a significant improvement from a standpoint of taking photographs. There isn't even Plexiglas or any other barrier over the hatch; this is surprising given its orientation of a kid-related museum, with the ever-present threat of unruly children tossing garbage into the hatch. If this is a problem, however, the museum promptly removes any such garbage, as I saw none in it during my visit.

GLSC has also physically reunited the Command Module with its hatch.

As of now, I have not yet sorted through all of my pictures of the SL-3 Apollo Command Module, but some other page references this location. Thus, this is a "place holder" version right now, with only the pictures actually referenced. Come back some time later to see if I've finished up, or drop me an email to request me to prioritize the rest of these pictures.

dsc90763.jpg at Great Lakes Science Center
dsc90970.jpg at Great Lakes Science Center
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