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View of the modularized equipment stowage assembly (MESA), on the lunar module pilot's side of the descent stage.

As described by the Lunar Module News Reference,

The MESA pallet is located in quad 4 of the descent stage. The pallet is deployed by the extra-vehicular astronaut when the LM is on the lunar surface. It contains fresh PLSS batteries and LiOH cartridges, a TV camera and cable, still camera, tools for obtaining geological samples, food, film, and containers in which to store the samples. It also has a folding table on which to place the sample return containers. Pallets are provided and are used to transfer the PLSS batteries and the cartridges to the cabin.

The MESA is deployed when the mission commander, still on the LM's porch, pulled a lanyard.

Visible near center top of the MESA is the lens of a television camera. When the MESA was deployed, this TV camera would be aimed at the ladder, giving the world a live view of the crew's first steps on the moon.

LM-13 modularized equipment stowage assembly (MESA) and television TV camera at Cradle of Aviation
Time picture taken Tue Jun 26 11:08:52 2007
Location picture taken Long Island to the Moon Gallery
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