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A sign near the spacecraft. It reads:

Sigma 7

In Sigma 7, the Mercury spacecraft displayed here, Wally Schirra orbited Earth six times. Advanced for their time, yet amazingly primitive to us today, Mercury pioneered the way for all American piloted spacecraft since. The Mercury Astronauts proved that humans could withstand spaceflight. They were:

Suborbital Flights Orbital Flights
Alan Shepard
Mercury-Redstone 3
Freedom 7
May 5, 1961
John Glenn
Mercury-Atlas 6
Friendship 7
February 20, 1962
Wally Schirra
Mercury-Atlas 8
Sigma 7
October 3, 1962
Gus Grissom
Mercury-Redstone 4
Liberty Bell 7
July 21, 1961
Scott Carpenter
Mercury-Atlas 7
Aurora 7
May 24, 1962
Gordon Cooper
Mercury-Atlas 9
Faith 7
May 15-16, 1963

Shepard's suborbital flight, America's first venture into space, lasted 16 minutes. John Glenn's mission, America's first orbital flight, lasted 5 hours. Gordon Cooper piloted Faith 7 on a 34-hour, 22-orbit flight.

Sign by Mercury Spacecraft Sigma 7 at Astronaut Hall of Fame
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