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View of the heat exchanger from an inboard engine. This photo was taken looking into the mirror under the base of the model.

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Note where the turbine exhaust duct attaches to the turbopump's turbine.

Also note the "fin" at the 4:00 position. This is the turbine exhaust fairing. On the Block II Saturn Is and the first two Saturn IBs which were manufactured, the inboard turbine exhaust was vented through these fairings.

See my Saturn I/IB Turbine Exhaust page for additional information.

I believe that the looping silver line in the lower right quadrant of this photo is the LOX replenishing line, which replenishes the oxidizer tanks with liquid oxygen to maintain proper levels due to boiloff.

Time picture taken Sat Jul 11 13:05:26 2009
Location picture taken Educator Resource Center
Near U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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