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An ID plate on the aft end of the cylinder (this photo has been rotated 180 degrees for readability. It reads

Probe Assy Docking System
Mfg. Date 8-8-74 PIA 4-9-75
Stk. No.: [blank]
Part: V36-575101-841 Serial: 06362AAK0971
Contr: NAS 9-10 MFR Code: 03953

The 1974 manufacture date is certainly odd; by this time, all of the Apollo and Skylab missions had flown, with only ASTP yet to fly. Also, all thought of continuing to use Saturn/Apollo hardware had been banished in favor of the Space Shuttle.

Although ASTP had not yet flown, the Apollo 14 docking probe (which had been returned to Earth, rather than jettisoned as on other Apollo missions, for post-flight inspection due to the docking probe problems during the initial docking with the Lunar Module) was to be reused on ASTP.

So, the manufacturing date certainly is curious.

Apollo docking probe central cylinder collar at Stafford Air & Space Museum.
Time picture taken Thu Jul 31 10:47:20 2008
Location picture taken Apollo Gallery
Stafford Air & Space Museum
Weatherford, Oklahoma
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