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One of the signs describing the overall Milestones of Flight gallery. It reads

Milestones of Flight

These air and space craft are milestones in the history of flight. Each marks an important advance in technology or a historic event. They are a tribute to the imagination, skills, and dedication of all men and women who have made flight possible.

  Pioneer 10 Explorer 1
Sputnik 1
Mariner 2 Venus Probe  
Bell XP-59A Gemini IV North American X-15 Goddard Rockets Pershing-II Missile, SS-20 Missile

Sign in the Milestones of Flight gallery at the National Air & Space Museum.
Time picture taken Tue Jun 19 10:39:00 2007
Location picture taken Second Floor Balcony
Overlooking Milestones of Flight Gallery
National Air & Space Museum
Washington, DC
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