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The oxidizer service connection on the Service Module's heat shield.

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The service connection appears to have a part number of "V37-470225-3" and warns that "System Pressure Not to Exceed 60 PSIG".

The large connector at top center reads "T/P 13 OX Fill Drain" and the large connector immediately below that reads "T/P 14 OX Vent". The connector forward of and between them is the "Press. Relief".

The round connector at aft is the "SP6 Engine Manifold Fill Vent." The nipple below and slightly forward of that is "T/P 17 OX Line Drain". The connector with the triangular base is the "OX Valve Seal Drain". The bottom-most nipple is the "OX Relief Valve T/P 12".

Apollo Service Module oxidizer service connection in Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Display at National Air & Space Museum
Time picture taken Sat Jun 25 13:26:44 2011
Location picture taken Space Race Gallery
National Air & Space Museum
Washington, DC
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