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Detail of the second stage adapter, taken between Pos. IV and Pos. III (fuel tank 3 and LOX tank 4 are at center on the bottom; note the GOX line running up F4's left side at right). Also note the fuel vent on the forward skirt of F3.

Note the green triplex spheres (containing nitrogen to pressurize the fuel tanks), the ends of the spider beam between the propellant tanks, and how the lines connecting the spheres pass through holes in the spider beam. Also note the instrumentation canister forward of F3.

The screen installed over the opening between the S-I stage and its adapter is presumably to keep the birds out; I don't believe that it was original equipment.

Time picture taken Fri Jul 10 14:47:53 2009
Location picture taken Rocket Garden
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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