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The sign accompanying the H-1 engine. It reads

A Workhorse for America's Dreams

A million mysteries had to be solved if we were to get astronauts to the Moon and back with safety. H-1 engines like this one provided the power to get the job done. Eight of them were clustered in the first stage of the Saturn I and the Saturn IB. These were the launch vehicles for the early Apollo/Saturn program where the essential systems and maneuvers required for success were tested. They also launched crews for all of the Skylab missions and Apollo/Soyuz, the history-making rendezvous of America and the USSR in space.

H-1 Engine  
Propellants: Kerosene fuel and Liquid Oxygen (LOX) oxidizer
Thrust: 205,000 lb each. Eight first stage engines = 1,640,000 lb

Time picture taken Tue Jun 15 13:32:30 2004
Location picture taken Rocket Garden
Visitor Center
Kennedy Space Center, FL
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