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Overall view of SA-T stage.

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The yellow forward and rear rings were used during transportation and handling of the stages prior to launch, and are used to support SA-T as it sits today. Four of the attach points for the rear ring (at Position II, as well as the top, bottom and right side of the picture) are outriggers to which the hold down arms at the launch pad are attached, and are used to hold the stage down during thrust build-up after ignition.

The piping by the outboard engine fairings are the turbine exhaust ducts from the inboard engines. They have presumably been installed for display purposes, as I do not believe that they would ordinarily be installed during transportation or handling of the S-I stage (indeed, the SA-T stage may have never had turbine exhaust ducts, as it was intended only for installation in the test stand).

Time picture taken Fri Oct 24 13:10:36 2008
Location picture taken Static Test Tower
East Test Area
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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