Titan II Missile Configuration

Additional information on the Titan II missile can be found at the Titan II ICBM Web Page (warning: makes liberal use of the HTML <blink> tag).

The Titan II was an improved version of the Titan I. Although the Titan I used conventional LOX/RP-1 propellants and the Titan II used the hypergolic Aerozine-50/nitrogen tetroxide combination, the two missiles still shared the same first and second stage engines. Also see my info pages on the Titan I First Stage Engines (LR-87) and the Titan I Second Stage Engine (LR-91).

Missile Airframe Configuration

Titan II Missile Airframe Configuration

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Taken from p. 115 (p. 24 in the PDF) of the Titan II Handbook Sample Download [direct link to 12.3 meg PDF]
Scan by Titan II Handbook
Extraction and clean-up by heroicrelics.org.