Titan I Missile Configuration

Additional information on the Titan I missile and its missile bases can be found at the Titan I Epitaph.

The Titan I evolved into the improved Titan II. Although the Titan I used conventional LOX/RP-1 propellants and the Titan II used the hypergolic Aerozine-50/nitrogen tetroxide combination, the two missiles still shared the same first and second stage engines. Also see my info pages on the Titan I First Stage Engines (LR-87) and the Titan I Second Stage Engine (LR-91).

Titan I Missile Configuration

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Taken from p. 1-2 (p. 3 in Section 5 [direct link to 16.7 meg PDF]; of the T.O. 21M-HGM25A-1.1, Technical Manual - Operational and Organization Maintenance USAF Model HGM-25A Missile Weapon System Operation)
Scan by Titan I Epitaph
Extraction and clean-up by heroicrelics.org.

Missile Configuration

  1. Re-entry vehicle
  2. Guidance antenna
  3. External conduit (typical)
  4. Access panel (typical)
  5. Staging rocket (2 places)
  6. Vernier nozzle (4 places)
  7. Tail skirt and tail fairing assemblies (Stage I engine compartment)
  8. Thrust chambers
  9. Air scoop (2 places)
  10. Main longeron (4 places)
  11. Fuel tank
  12. Stage I between tanks structure (Stage I between tanks compartment)
  13. Liquid oxygen tank
  14. Stage I support structure (Stage I transition compartment)
  15. Stage II aft skirt assembly (Stage II engine compartment)
  16. Stage II between tanks structure (Stage II between tanks compartment)
  17. Forward support structure (Stage II transition compartment)