F-1 Engine Mockup FM-101

As detailed in Alan Lawrie's Saturn, Rocketdyne produced seven serialized engine mock-ups, high-fidelity yet non-functional mock-ups used for early engineering purposes. Today, most of these engine mock-ups are mounted on the first stages of the Saturn Vs whose first stages are test (i.e., non-flight) stages.

The second of these, FM-101 (the first was FM-100) was featured in a paper written by D.E. Aldrich which I found during one of my visits to the archives of the University of Alabama at Huntsville:

F-1 engine mockup FM-101

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From Saturn V Booster - The F-1 Engine by D.E. Aldrich. Located in the Saturn V Collection, Dept. of Archives/Special Collections, M. Louis Salmon Library, University of Alabama in Huntsville.
Scan and clean-up by heroicrelics.

I don't know exactly when FM-101 (or any of these engine mock-ups) were manufactured, but they certainly reflect an early design:

F-1 engine mock-up FM-103 is on display in the Kennedy Space Center Rocket Garden (where, oddly enough, it is completely painted silver).