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The sign accompanying the boot. It reads

Overshoe, Lunar- Left, Training

This overshoe went over the regular boot area on the space suit version used on the moon, called the A7LB space suit. The shoe provided extra protection from rips, tears, and dust to the basic space suit. These overshoes left the distinctive footprints which are still on the moon to this day.

On loan from the National Air and Space Museum
Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

By virtue of the retaining strap assembly being anchored on the right and snapping on the left, it seemed to me that this was actually a right boot. I emailed the museum's curator, who confirmed that records from the Smithsonian indicated that it was a right boot.

Sign accompanying Apollo A7LB Suit Lunar Boot at Frontiers of Flight
Time picture taken Fri Aug 1 13:37:56 2008
Location picture taken Cree Main Exhibit Hall
Frontiers of Flight
Dallas, TX
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