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View of the left boot on the ITMG.

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I'm not entirely certain what these boots are. The boots on a standard A7L suit are part of the TLSA and ITMG boot zips onto the ITMG leg and covers the TLSA boot. During a lunar surface EVA, a lunar overboot would be worn over the combined TLSA/ITMG boot.

I suspect that these boots were fabricated for this display.

The end of the legs on this ITMG seems to have a cuff, rather than a zipper for the ITMG boot. Perhaps this iteration of the suit goes with this unknown TMG boot?

Boots on Apollo A7L Suit integrated thermal micrometeoroid garment (ITMG) at Franklin Institute
Time picture taken Wed Jun 27 08:17:28 2007
Location picture taken "Space Command" Gallery
Franklin Institute
Philadelphia, PA
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