Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute, located in Philadelpha, is home to Lunar Test Article 3.

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Since were travelling past Philadelphia on the way back from the Cradle of Aviation, I thought we'd stop by to see LTA-3D. We'd be swinging by pretty early in the morning, before the museum's website said they'd be open, so I was just planning to get some outside shots of LTA-3D and we'd continue on journey. (LTA-3D rests on the lawn outside the Franklin Institute).

However, when I went around to get a picture of the front of the museum, I saw that they'd opened early, so we went inside. I didn't bring along the tripod, and we didn't have the time to go back to the van, so most of the inside shots are flash shots. But hey, considering the inside shots were an unexpected "bonus," I'm not complaining!


Franklin Institute

Lunar Module LTA-3D


Apollo Suit