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Detail of the zipper holding the right ITMG boot to the suit's main ITMG.

The suit's pressure garment assembly (PGA) has integral boots (i.e., part of the overall pressure bladder, rather than boots consisting separate pieces). The boots of the integrated thermal and micrometeoriod garment (ITMG), the suit's outer cover which provides protection against temperature extremes and space debris, were removable and fastened to the main ITGM via a zipper..

At first I thought that this zipper was another difference between this suit and a standard A7L suit (zippers aren't visible on other A7L suits, but apparently there are just folds of Betacloth covering them), but I found some NASA documentation describing this very zipper.

Right boot zipper on Anders' Apollo 8 Suit at Celebrating Apollo
Time picture taken Fri Nov 3 14:11:08 2017
Location picture taken Gilbert H. Hansen Photography Gallery
EAA AirVenture Museum
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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