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The sign accompanying the Lunar Module Mission Simulator. It reads

Grumman Lunar Module Simulator


Bethpage and Binghamton, NY     1968

The Lunar Module (LM) Mission Simulator, a large, complex device, was in operation at the Kennedy Space Center between 1968 and 1972. Cameras, filming a model of the lunar surface, projected the image in front of the LM windows so the astronauts would feel as if they were actually maneuvering for a landing on the Moon. Every Apollo astronaut trained on it before going to the Moon. Only one was built, and remarkably, it survived in good condition. This is a very historically significant artifact, one of the few key pieces remaining from the Apollo program.

On Loan: National Air & Space Museum

Actually, there were two Lunar Module Mission Simulators built; one was located at the Manned Spacecraft Center (today the Johnson Space Center) and the other at the Kennedy Space Center. Both have survived and are in good condition; the other is at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. The Cradle of Aviation exhibits a portion of the accompanying instructor console, while the USSRC does not.

Time picture taken Tue Jun 26 14:00:12 2007
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Garden City, NY
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