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One of the large instructional decals located in the upper left of the docking tunnel. The instructions refer to the "DM", presumably the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) docking module.

The decal reads

Undocking Operations

Drogue Installation

  1. Drogue - align lugs with fittings, rotate CCW to stops
  2. Lock lever - rotate 90° CW to detent

Probe Installation

  1. Push probe into drogue
  2. Verify capture latches engaged (pull aft with force)
  3. Installation strut - unstow, pos on tunnel wall (yellow marks)
  4. Ratchet hndl
    • Unstow to full extension (green band)
    • Ratchet probe fwd to orange hash marks
  5. Restow ratchet hndl and installation strut
    Caution: For stowage - adjust preload hndl until probe loose in tunnel and pos at 45° to support beam
  6. Verify ratchet pawl indicator (red) flush with housing
  7. Preload shaft - push up into detent
  8. Probe umbilicals (2) (yellow) - connect to docking ring
    Note: For stowage, umbilical connection not required
  9. GN2 bleed button (red) - press (10 sec)

Probe Preload

  1. Preload sel lever - rotate CCW (parallel to orange stripe)
  2. Preload hndl - torque CW to release
  3. Verify capture latches engaged (gap between cap and cylinder)
  4. Preload hndl - push inboard to detent; pos 45° to support beam
  5. Preload sel lever - mid pos

Docking Latch Release

  1. Release button - depress to release
  2. Latch hndl - pull one or two strokes until bungee recocks
  3. Verify latch hook rotated inboard to clear DM ring
  4. Verify/push latch hndl outboard against latch hook

Docking probe and forward tunnel hatch instructions in the Apollo Probe & Drogue System at the Kansas Cosmosphere.
Time picture taken Sat Dec 7 16:28:54 2013
Location picture taken Apollo Gallery
Hall of Space
Kansas Cosmosphere
Hutchinson, KS
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