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One of the large instructional decals located in the upper left of the docking tunnel. The instructions refer to the "DM", presumably the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) docking module.

The decal reads

Docking Operations

Tunnel Hatch Removal

  1. Press equal vlv - open (CCW)
  2. Actr hndl
    • Unstow. Pull to stop. Set to U
    • Push to stop.
  3. Verify gearbox disconnect socket - U
  4. Actr hndl sel - stow, push hndl to stow
  5. Remove hatch, stow

Docking Latch Verification (12 Latches)

  1. Latch hndl - Pull lightly to verify hook engaged
  2. Latch ind button (red) - flush
  3. Power bungee fairing - parallel to +X
  4. Verify extend latch engaged indicator (red) - not visible
  5. GN2 bleed button (red) - press (10 sec)

DM Umbilical Connection

  1. DM connector fairing (CM tunnel - 2 orange) - open
  2. Probe/dm connector fairings (CM tunnel - 2 yellow) - open
  3. Disconnect probe umbilicals (2 yellow) and stow on probe
  4. Unstow one connector (yellow) from DM tunnel
  5. Connect to yellow receptacle and lock
  6. Pos umbilical in slot. Close fairing
  7. Repeat for orange umbilical to orange receptacle, lock, position and close fairing
  8. Repeat for orange and yellow umbilicals on opposite side of tunnel

Probe Removal

  1. Verify extend latch engaged indicator (red) not visible
  2. GN2 bleed button (red) - press 10 sec
  3. Preload sel lever - rotate CCW (parallel to orange stripe)
  4. Preload hndl - torque CW to unload support beams
  5. Probe umbilicals (2) (yellow) - disconnect and stow
  6. Elec connector covers (2 yellow) - close
  7. Preload hndl - pos against umbilical connector
  8. Preload sel lever - mid pos
  9. Installation strut - unstow, pos on tunnel wall (yellow marks)
  10. Ratchet hndl
    • Unstow to full extension (green band)
    • Push to first detent (red band)
    • Left hand on blue handle
    • Push outboard and hold to fold probe
    • Pull to full extension (green band)
    • Ratchet one stroke only
  11. Restow ratchet hndl and installation strut
  12. Cptr latch rlse, tool 7
    • Insert in pyro cover (No. 7 aligned with yellow support beam)
    • Rotate 180° CW and hold to unlock
  13. Remove probe - pull aft to release (25 lbs)
  14. Verify cptr latch cocked - plunger recessed below probe head cap.
  15. Remove and stow tool 7

Drogue Removal

  1. Lock Lever - pull, rotate 90° CCW
  2. Drogue - rotate CW, push clear of support. Remove from tunnel.

Docking probe and forward tunnel hatch instructions in the Apollo Probe & Drogue System at the Kansas Cosmosphere.
Time picture taken Sat Dec 7 16:29:56 2013
Location picture taken Apollo Gallery
Hall of Space
Kansas Cosmosphere
Hutchinson, KS
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