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A7L LEVA collar

An artifact which was brought along for the exhibit but which was not actually placed on exhibit was an Apollo LEVA/PGA interface collar. This was worn at the bottom of the Lunar Extravehicular Visor Assembly and provided thermal and dust protection for the suit's neck ring.

Most LEVAs which are separately displayed (e.g., Aldrin's Apollo 11 LEVA, Lovell's Apollo 13 LEVA at Adler Planetarium, or Scott's Apollo 15 LEVA at the National Air & Space Museum) and Apollo suits fully outfitted for a lunar EVA (e.g., the A7L suit at NASA Headquarters, the suits in the lunar diorama at Space Center Houston) will include the collar.

This item was not on display, but John Oldham showed it to me, asked if I could identify it (I could :-), and allowed me to photograph it.

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