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Walk-around of the suit's helmet.

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Note the helmet's yellow neck ring. Only helmets with blue and red neck rings (the color of which indicated a change in the suit's vent port) were flown in the program. Additionally, this helmet is missing its feedport. Since the feedport was added during the development cycle of the A6L suit, it's possible that this is an A6L helmet which was not originally associated with this suit.

The only other helmet I recall ever seeing with a yellow neck ring was on Schweickart's Skylab Training Suit at the Wallops Island visitor center. That suit is also something of a misfit, so it's likely that they just grabbed an available helmet for display purposes.

Helmet on Anders' Apollo 8 Suit at Celebrating Apollo
Time picture taken Fri Nov 3 13:57:46 2017
Location picture taken Gilbert H. Hansen Photography Gallery
EAA AirVenture Museum
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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