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The sign accompanying the suit. It reads

Apollo 8 Backup Space Suit

Apollo suits had to serve as a backup pressure system to the space capsule. Besides allowing the flexibility in the shoulder and arm areas, they also had to permit movements of the legs and waist. Astronauts needed to be able to bend and stoop to pick up samples on the Moon. Suits had to function both in microgravity and in the one-sixth gravity of the Moon's surface. The outermost layer of the suit was white Teflon cloth. The suit's layers provided pressure, served as a protection against heat and cold, and protected the wearer against micrometeoroid impacts and the wear and tear of walking on the Moon. Capping off the suit was a communications headset and a clear polycarbonate-plastic pressure helmet. The final items of the Apollo space suit were lunar protective boots, a portable life-support system (backpack), and custom-sized gloves with molded silicone-rubber fingertips that provided some degree of fingertip sensitivity in handling equipment.

This space suit is believed to be the backup suit for Lunar Module Pilot William A. Anders. It does not have a backpack or lunar boots.

Of course, on Apollo 8, "LMP" was primarily an honorary title, as the mission had no lunar module and no EVAs were planned.

Sign accompanying Anders' Apollo 8 Suit at Celebrating Apollo
Time picture taken Fri Nov 3 12:00:02 2017
Location picture taken Outside the Gilbert H. Hansen Photography Gallery
EAA AirVenture Museum
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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