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JB-2 Loon/V-1

The sign accompanying this buzz bomb indicates that it's an American-made copy of the German V-1, the JB-2 Loon, but subtitles it a "V-1 'Buzz Bomb'". Based on the fairing on the pulse jet forward support, I do believe that this is a JB-2, rather than a V-1 (the leading and trailing edges of the V-1 fairing were parallel, both swept back, while the leading edge of the JB-2's fairing was nearly vertical and its trailing edge swept at a steep angle). Oddly enough, the artifact bears German-language markings.

To side-step these ambiguities, I'll just refer to the artifact as a "buzz bomb," because that should adequately describe either version of the artifact.

Right next to the buzz bomb is a partially-disassembled pulse jet engine.

The Air Force Museum's web site has a number of V-1-related images, including a photo of a V-1 launch emplacement and a picture capturing a V-1 moments before impact, and the Smithsonian has info pages on both the V-1 (be sure to click the "Long Description" button) and JB-2 Loon. Finally, see my page of V-1 cutaway drawings.

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