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The sign accompanying the moon rock. It reads

Moon Rock

This Rock is a Piece of a Lunar "Sea"

This rock was collected on the edge of the Moon's Sea of Serenity by the Apollo 17 astronauts in December 1972. Measurements show it is 3.67 billion years old, coinciding with the period of heavy bombardment that excavated enormous circular basins on the Moon. Many of these basins filled with lava, forming the dark areas that we call lunar seas - including the Sea of Serenity.

The caption on the left inlet photo reads

The Moon rock in this exhibit was part of a much larger sample called the "Goodwill Rock."

The caption on the right inlet photo reads

The sample here was taken from the center slab. Other pieces were distributed to national leaders and educational institutions around the world.

I have photos of the Goodwill moon rocks presented to the state of Georgia and the state of Oklahoma.

Sign accompanying the Moon Rock at Virginia Air & Space
Time picture taken Sun Jun 24 09:41:40 2007
Location picture taken Space Gallery
Virginia Air & Space Center
Hampton, VA
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