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Moon Rock

The museum features a moon rock from the Apollo 17 mission.

NASA's Lunar Sample Public Displays page has a "Complete List of Lunar Sample Displays" PDF which lists this sample as 70017,138, a fragment of lunar sample 70017 [direct link to 1.5 megabyte PDF].

The Lunar and Planetary Institute's atlas entry for 70017 [direct link to 0.6 meg PDF] contains additional information on 70017. The LPI also has a page with photos of the original 70017 sample, although no photos of 70017,138. However, NASA photos S92-33837 and S92-32792 do show this fragment.

dsc33831.jpg at Virginia Air & Space
dsc33833.jpg at Virginia Air & Space
dsc33827.jpg at Virginia Air & Space
dsc33828.jpg at Virginia Air & Space
dsc33829.jpg at Virginia Air & Space
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