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The state of Oklahoma's Apollo 17 goodwill moon rock display. It consists of fragments from a moon rock (sample 70017), recovered by Apollo 17 astronaut Jack Schmitt and includes an Oklahoma state flag flown on that mission.

The plaques on the display read

This fragment is a portion of a rocket from the Taurus Littrow Valley of the Moon. It was part of a larger rock composed of many particles of different shapes and sizes, a symbol of the unity of human endeavor and mankind's hope for a future of peace and harmony.

This flag of your state was carried to the Moon aboard Spacecraft America during the Apollo XVII mission, December 7-19, 1972.

Presented to
The People of the people of the state of
by the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The first plaque's wording mirrors the words of Gene Cernan as the lunar sample was collected on live television (at time code 169:43:06).

collectSPACE maintains additional information about the Apollo 17 goodwill moon rock displays.

Apollo 17 goodwill moon rock presentation, including lunar sample and flown Oklahoma state flag at Oklahoma History Center
Time picture taken Wed Apr 13 13:06:52 2016
Location picture taken C.A. Vose Sr. Wing
Oklahoma History Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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