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The state of Oklahoma's Apollo 11 lunar sample display. It consists of approximately 0.05 grams of moon dust collected on the first lunar landing flight and includes an Oklahoma state flag flown on that mission.

The plaques on the display read

Presented to
The People of the State of
Richard Nixon
President of the United States of America

This flag of your state was carried to the Moon and back by Apollo 11, and this fragment of the Moon's surface was brought to Earth by the crew of that first manned lunar landing.

collectSPACE maintains additional information about the Apollo 11 lunar sample displays.

Apollo 11 moon rock presentation, including lunar sample and flown Oklahoma state flag at Oklahoma History Center
Time picture taken Wed Apr 13 13:05:12 2016
Location picture taken C.A. Vose Sr. Wing
Oklahoma History Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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