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When I took this photo, it was my hope that I'd be able to read the ID plates on the engine's throat (I can't), but the photo at the same time managed to capture many of the engine components in frame.

Running diagonally through the upper left is the heat exchanger.

Right next to the heat exchanger, in a deep red, is the solid propellant gas generator (SPGG). The SPGG, basically a small solid-propellant rocket engine, is fired at the beginning of the engine start sequence to provide the initial gasses to spin the turbine and bootstrap the engine.

To the right of the SPGG, in a slightly more orangish red, is the fuel additive blender unit (FABU) in its heater assembly. Directly below that is the dark grey auxiliary hydraulic pump, with the larger, silver hydraulic system accumulator/reservoir in the extreme bottom right of the photo.

Time picture taken Sun Jun 19 14:58:14 2011
Location picture taken Ground Level
James S. McDonnell Space Hangar
Udvar Hazy Center
Chantilly, VA
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