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Detail of the sign at the corner of the inlet. It reads:

Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 39, 1965

"Look across the Indian River ... it is from the tract of land east of Titusville that the United States will fire its hopes toward the moon ... From now on Titusville will be known as space exploration headquarters."

- Titusville Star Advocate report of NASA's August 24, 1961 announcement

This shoreline view changed forever after the U.S. Government acquired north Merritt Island for the construction of a launch complex to send Americans to the moon. By 1965, the massive Vehicle Assembly Building towered 52 stories above a surrounding landscape. On the ocean, NASA erected two launch pads to serve as the departure points for the mighty Saturn V rockets.

Complex 39 has dominated the shoreline opposite Titusville ever since, and uncounted thousands have enjoyed this choice spot for view NASA's launches.

Today, the Space Shuttle launches from Complex 39. Other exhibits and monuments along the Space Walk of Fame describe America's pioneering efforts in space, and honor the contributions of this community's people and industry.

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Space View Park
Titusville, Florida
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