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The sign accompanying the SRB. It reads

Solid Rocket Booster

Two Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs) provide the main thrust needed to lift the Space Shuttle off the launch pad and up to an altitude of about 150,000 feet, or 28 miles. These two boosters, which weigh about 1 1/3 million pounds each, produce 6 million pounds of thrust to get the Space Shuttle on its way. Approximately two minutes after launch, the solid fuel is consumed, and the boosters are separated from the vehicle. Parachutes are then deployed allowing the SRBs to descend safely to the ocean, where they are recovered for use in future Space Shuttle Flights

Overall Dimensions (Each Booster)
Length:   149 feet (45.5 meters)
Diameter:   12 feet (3.6 meters)
Weight at launch:   1,300,000 pounds (590,000 kilograms)
Thrust at launch:   2,650,000 pounds (11,800,000 newtons)

Propellants: Solid Rocket Fuel

There are also call-outs for the drogue parachute, separation motors, main parachutes (3), propellant, casing, aft skirt, and nozzle.

Time picture taken Tue Jun 14 13:01:51 2005
Location picture taken North Side of Rocket Park
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