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Overall walk-around of the forward end of the engine.

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Note the fuel turbopump at center.

Gas from the gas generator (hidden by the turbopump) flows through the turbine to power the fuel pump. Some of the gases are routed directly to the exhaust manifold at left center, but most flows around the engine to the LOX turbopump via the cross over duct, the large-diameter duct disappearing underneath the engine.

Fuel is discharged from the turbopump through the red-clad line running to the upper left, where it enters the fuel manifold and is routed through the thrust chamber's half-length regenerative cooling tubes.

The thick, braided hose from the start tank carries the initial gases to spin the turbines during engine startup.

Forward end of J-2 Engine, including fuel liquid hydrogen turbopump, fuel manifold,  and exhaust manifold, at Stennis Space Center
Time picture taken Tue Jun 14 11:18:50 2005
Location picture taken Rocket Park
Visitor Center
Stennis Space Center, MS
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