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Overall view of the interior of the thrust chamber.

At right-center would be the injector, which would spray the propellants into the combustion chamber; however, this engine appears to have a metal plate covering its injector.

The thrust chamber is comprised of corrosion-resistant steel regenerative cooling tubes.

Midway down the thrust chamber, where the tubes change color (presumably due to exposure to the elements over the years), additional, half-length tubes are added to the thrust chamber at the fuel manifold. This is visible as the large "ring" formed where gaps are introduced between pairs of full-length tubes. Turbine exhaust gases enter the thrust chamber through these gaps.

Interior of J-2 Engine thrust chamber at Stennis Space Center
Time picture taken Fri Jun 18 10:01:24 2004
Location picture taken Rocket Park
Visitor Center
Stennis Space Center, MS
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