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The sign accompanying the H-1 engine. It reads

H-1 Rocket Engine

Applications: Cluster of eight engines provided 1.65 million pounds of thrust for the S-IB booster stage.

Thrust: 205,000 pounds (sea level); 237,000 pounds (altitude)

Propellants: RP-1 (kerosene) fuel and liquid oxygen (oxidizer)


  • Thrust Chamber - Tubular wall, regeneratively cooled
  • Propellant Supply - Twin pumps driven through a gearbox by a single turbine
  • Turbine Drive - Gas generator burning main propellants

Dimensions: 102.86 inches long; 65.56 inches wide


First Saturn booster (SA-1) successfully launched October 27, 1961.

First manned Apollo spacecraft thrust into Earth orbit by Saturn IB to demonstrate spacecraft and crew performance on October 11, 1968.

Skylab crews launched May 25, 1973; July 28, 1973; and November 16, 1973.

Time picture taken Fri Jun 18 09:56:34 2004
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