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The ID plate on the nozzle extension. I think this is the best-preserved ID plate of any on this engine. The ID plate is just visible in dsc49002.jpg, aft of the inverted "Y" of the turbine exhaust duct, under the two round parts on the forward end of the nozzle extension.

It reads


A Division of North American Aviation Inc.

Name: Nozzle Extension
Spec No: Wt. 1615 lbs.
Mfgr.: Precision Sheet Metal Inc.
Part No.: 209210-A
Serial No.: 8291930

Based on the serial number, this one is somewhat older than the nozzle extension at the former Michigan Space & Science Center (although their serial number scheme is somewhat strange, as there's a difference of 33,896 between these two nozzle extensions). Also note that this one is 5½ pounds lighter.

Time picture taken Sat Aug 2 16:40:02 2008
Location picture taken Rocket Park
Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX
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