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Overall walk-around of the Launch Escape System (LES) tower. I've prepared a page explaining the various parts of the LES tower.

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This photo was taken by standing directly under the LES tower and looking straight up.

The forward tip of the LES tower is the Q-ball. Just aft of the Q-ball are the forward canard hinges.

Just aft of the base of the conical portion of the launch escape tower, I would have expected to see the nozzle for the pitch control motor, but I do not.

The short cylindrical section bounded forward and aft by boltheads is the body of the LES tower jettison motor, with its oval nozzle in the interstage near the center of this photo.

Launch Escape System (LES) tower on Johnson Space Center (JSC) Saturn V at Space Center Houston
Time picture taken Sun Aug 3 16:20:36 2008
Location picture taken Saturn V Center
Rocket Park
Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX
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