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The sign accompanying the Gemini mockup. It reads

Gemini Engineering Development Fixture

In preparation for and during the flights of the Gemini spacecraft, the physical characteristics of engineering designs were reproduced in full scale to create this mock-up, enabling the Gemini designers to see, in full dimension, equipment relationships and system integration and to develop check out, launch, and operational procedures.

Mission advances required each succeeding spacecraft to be modified for new mission objectives. The new designs and equipment were first installed in this mock-up to ensure that the new systems, circuits, and instrumentation did not interfere with those existing.

This crew station was used by the Gemini astronauts to practice stowing all crew items, such as food, cameras, etc., as well as planning the location of new switches and instruments for their missions.

Full scale engineering mock-ups, often called "iron birds", are built for every major aircraft, spacecraft, or missile and are an essential engineering tool for the designers of McDonnell Douglas air and space products.

Time picture taken Thu Aug 7 08:39:06 2008
Location picture taken James S. McDonnell Prologue Room
St. Louis, MO
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