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J-2 Engine Gallery


Detail of one of pneumatic lines leading away from the J-2; this is the rightmost line in the bundle.

This is part of the fuel bleed line, used during engine chilldown when LH2 was circulated from the fuel tank through the low pressure feed duct, through the J-2 engine fuel pump, the fuel bleed valve, and back to the tank through a return line. The labels on this line read "Liquid Hydrogen", "150 PSI", and have arrows pointing away from the J-2.

Individual lines in the J-2 Engine customer connect fluid system (pneumatic interface to S-II or S-IVB stage) at Science Museum Oklahoma (formerly the Omniplex)
Time picture taken Wed Jul 30 15:40:42 2008
Location picture taken Open-Air Exhibit Gallery
Science Museum Oklahoma (formerly the Omniplex)
Oklahoma City, OK
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